Malaria Prevention & Mosquito Net Distribution

Malaria is a serious problem in the Chogoria community.  From data collected in 2011 and 2012, 65% of people had had malaria in the past year. We conduct malaria education trainings about preventing, testing, treatment, and protecting vulnerable populations with our loan groups, at community outreach events, and at churches and schools. Then we distribute long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets for everyone in the household of the trainee. To ensure that the nets are being utilized and have not been sold or given to other people, we conduct a Home Health Visit, usually within 3 months of the distribution.  In evaluations 6 months after this malaria intervention, only 25% of the population has experienced malaria, representing a 40% drop in malaria incidence.

During 2010, the Public Health Department completed 35 trainings on malaria prevention, trained over 800 people, distributed 1,000 long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets and visited over 500 people in their homes to provide individualized health education and counseling.

By July 2013, the Public Health Department at VHI had distributed nets to 7,229 children at 26 schools. At each school, the team conducted a malaria training and students, parents, and teachers were sensitized to malaria prevention.

To date, a total of approximately 9,000 insecticide-treated nets have been distributed in the surrounding community and schools. Another 10,000 have been sold at a subsidized rate to area CBOs, NGOs, hospitals, and households.

In April 2014, to celebrate World Malaria Day, in collaboration with The Peace Corps, the Public Health Department conducted three specialized malaria prevention projects. These three projects helped to sensitize the community to malaria prevention. To find out more read a blog post from our Public Health Coordinator.