Home Health Visits

At the Home Health Visits the Community Health Nurse conducts a health questionnaire and provides health education and behavior change counseling about sanitation & hygiene, HIV testing, chronic diseases, nutrition, malaria, TB,  family planning, and maternal and child health. The nurse also brings along with her the Community Health Backpack, from which we are able to provide malaria tests, typhoid tests, HIV tests, condoms, pregnancy tests, anemia tests, blood pressure checks, blood glucose checks, oral rehydration therapy, and upper respiratory exams as needed by the client. We also provide malaria treatment, typhoid treatment, antibiotics, de-worming medication, and pain relievers. In addition to the home visits, the Community Health Nurse regularly attends the loan collection meetings to give a brief training on specific health issues relevant to that group (reproductive health, chronic disease prevention, child nutrition, etc.) along with the medical services available at the home health visit. With these activities we are able to provide continuous, comprehensive and high-quality care to our loan recipients.

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