Community Health Workers

The Village Hopecore Community Health Workers represent the strong link we have to the community and our commitment to empowering the community to improve their lives.

The Community Health Workers attend a three day training to familiarize them with the most pertinent health issues of the region, including infectious diseases, chronic diseases, maternal & child health, and HIV. They are also trained in behavior change communication and counseling skills, to better equip them for passing the information they gain along to the community.

Our Community Health Workers are an essential component of the Health Program, as they facilitate educational trainings, distribute medicine and treatment, conduct individual health assessments, and provide individualized counseling and education.

We are so proud of the work our Community Health Workers accomplish and we aim to continue providing them with additional experience and training as they  provide high-quality and much needed services to the underserved people of Chogoria.

Meet Our Community Health Workers!