Visit the Village

Interested people can visit village communities in the Chogoria region and meet the beneficiaries of Hopecore. This is a transformative opportunity to be involved first hand in the Village Hopecore project.

Many visitors who come to the village to observe the microlending program, combine their trip with a safari, visiting well-known preserves such as Samburu, Lewa Downs, and Lake Nakuru.

A homestay with a Village Hopecore family can be arranged. Level of involvement is up to the visitor. For many, the opportunity to both experience a safari and to see the Village Hopecore project first-hand is fulfilling.

Dr. Phil Rasori is a physician, accomplished tour leader, and photographer. He has led many small group tours. If you would like to see a prospectus/itinerary for a trip, contact Dr. Rasori at