Celebrating 15 years of public health and microenterprise service to communities in rural Kenya

Visit the Village


Interested people can visit village communities in the Chogoria region and meet the beneficiaries of HopeCore. This is a transformative opportunity to be involved first hand in Village HopeCore projects.

Our July 2014 visitors helped with anti-malarial mosquito bed net distribution at a primary school.

Many visitors who come to the village to observe the microlending program and public health program activities combine their trip with a safari, visiting well-known preserves such as Samburu, Lewa Downs, and Lake Nakuru.

A homestay with a Village HopeCore family can also be arranged. Level of involvement is up to the visitor. For many, the opportunity to both experience a safari, see the Village HopeCore projects first-hand, and meet the people who work for and benefit from HopeCore is fulfilling.

A visitor and dancer take a break from dancing and enjoy a laugh together

Visitors from the most recent visiting group (July 2014) were treated to traditional Kenyan dancing during their farewell ceremony.

Dr. Phil Rasori, HopeCore’s Medical Director, is a physician, accomplished tour leader, and photographer. He has led many small group tours. If you would like to see a prospectus/itinerary for a trip, contact Dr. Rasori at prasori@aol.com.