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Senior Global Health Fellowship


Organization: Village HopeCore International

Location: Chogoria, Kenya

Position Title: Global Public Health Fellow (2 positions available)

Job Type: Fellowship (full-time)

Position Overview:

The primary role of the global health fellow is to provide technical expertise and input, as a member of the public health team. The fellow plays a supporting role, in that he or she should not be fulfilling duties that Kenyan staff members are capable of completing. The primary objective of the global health fellow is to build capacity in country.

The fellow takes part in a wide variety of activities in and out of the field. He or she will spend approximately 75 % of their time in the office and 25% in the field with the team. In the field the fellow is in a supervisory role, monitoring activities, noting challenges and successes as well as brainstorming solutions for making fieldwork as effective and as efficient as possible.

Other roles of the fellow include program development and implementation, creation of public health budgets, writing of grant and program proposals, accurate and up to date reporting on a quarterly, biannual basis to all primary donors for health programs.


  • Must have some experience working in a developing country or visiting a developing country for an extended period of time, preferably in Africa.
  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, and preferably a Graduate degree relating to public health, international development, or related medical field
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Must understand the concept of cultural sensitivity and adaptability

Terms of appointment: The fellow will agree to spending one year in Chogoria, working with Village HopeCore. The contract is non-binding, with the understanding that he or she is able to make a one year commitment to the post.

Compensation: Fellow will receive a stipend intended to cover food, rent, and travel expenses. Fellow will also be responsible for obtaining a work permit/visa from the Kenyan immigration office. Village HopeCore will assist in the process of obtaining this work visa.

Lodging and Expenses: The stipend is designed to cover all lodging and living expenses in Chogoria as well as travel expenses. HopeCore will arrange for a safe and secure apartment for the fellow in our local hospital’s compound. The two bedroom shared apartment has cooking facilities, refrigerator and complete bathroom facilities. Rent for the apartment is approximately $60 per month and is the responsibility of the fellow.  The apartment is shared with the Microenterprise Fellow. Food costs in Chogoria should run about $50 per month.

It is required that for the fellow’s own protection, each fellow must have health insurance. The stipend was designed to provide $100 per month to help with the cost of health insurance. The fellow will be responsible for transportation costs to and from Kenya. The fellow will receive four weeks of vacation during the fellowship. The monthly stipend should cover all of the fellow’s transportation expenses getting to Kenya, all of the living expenses while in Chogoria and most if not all the cost of health insurance while in Kenya. The stipend is designed to allow a fellow to spend a year in Kenya without having to incur additional  loans.

Application: Interested applicants should submit a cover letter of interest, their curriculum vitae, and contact information for two references to Anne Gildea at anne.hopecore@gmail.com.

Contact: Any inquiries can also be directed to Anne Gildea at the aforementioned email address.

For more information: 

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