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For general information, media inquiries, and questions about volunteering:

For information about visiting Chogoria, visit our Visit the Village page, or contact Dr. Phil Rasori, Medical Director:

For donations, visit our Donate page, or contact Mr. Daryl Petrick, Board of Directors President:

Donations can also be mailed to:
Village HopeCore International
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6 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Habari za leo

    I’m a student from Virginia, and I met Dr Mugambi in Nairobi. He gave me his card, and I’m trying to contact him.

    Asanta sana kwa kila kitu,
    Mitch Galloway

  2. hi,i originate from chogoria but curently staying in Nairobi am impresed with the work your doing i would like to be voluntering in your activities when i come there for holidays what can i do to be part of your activities,lots of regards

  3. Hello, I’m trying to contact Mr.Mugambi and don’t know how to. When he was 16 and living in Santa Rosa he stead with my family and I. In fact we shared the same bedroom. My mother passed away on June 26 and I know that he would want to know this. Mr Mugambi called me his american brother and my parents his american mom and dad. We have lost touch since he moved back to Kenya. Please let me know how to get in touch with him or have him call or email me at This is very important.
    Marc Lyman

  4. Marc,

    Our condolences for the loss your family has experienced. I have forwarded the information on to Dr. Mugambi. We apologize for the amount of time that has passed since your correspondence.

    Our thoughts and good wishes are with you and your family.

    -Kory Hansen, Micro-enterprise Fellow VHI 2013-14

  5. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering for our organization during your visits to the area. Are you still interested in doing so? How often are you in Chogoria and for what duration? In addition, do you have a particular set of skills or knowledge you believe can help advance and improve the organization? Is there a particular aspect of VHI that you feel you are best suited to volunteer your skills towards the advancement of?

    Best Regards,
    Kory Hansen, Micro-Enterprise Fellow 2013-14

  6. God bless you all for the good work that you are doing for my people. I come from Chogoria but currently living and working in Nairobi.I hold a Diploma in Social work with 4 years of field experience. I have worked with several NGO’s and i believe my skills and experience can be of help to VHC. I would like to work with the vulnerable children in your programme or any other area my skills will be needed. I will be grateful if given a chance to serve my people.
    Kind regards

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