Chogoria Staff


Founder & President- Kajira (K.K.) Mugambi

Kajira was born in Chogoria and moved to the United States at age 16. He graduated from UCLA for college and law school. He established Village Hopecore in 1982 and began operations in Chogoria in 2000. After living for forty years in the United States, he now lives full time in Chogoria managing the operations of the organization.

Managing Director- Albert Juma Wafula

Wafula joined HopeCore in June 2008 as an accounts clerk, a position that had been left vacant following demise of Councillor Pius Mugo. A year later, Wafula was promoted to serve as the Finance Manager, a position he held for four years, until his appointment as the Managing Director in August 2013. Prior to joining HopeCore, Wafula worked with Kimwa Holdings Ltd as the Chief Finance Officer for three years. He also worked with Pyrethrum Board of Kenya for three years as an accounts clerk and four years with Friends’ School Kamusinga in different capacities. Wafula worked with an Auditing Firm in Nairobi for one year as an audit assistant. Wafula studied at Mabusi Primary school for his primary education, Moi Forces Academy, Nairobi for his secondary education and Proffesco Business Trainers(PBT) for his accounting courses, CPA. He later joined Kenyatta University for his B.COM, Finance Option. Wafula is God fearing and an active member of his church, Faith Celebration Ministries. He is married with two children.We are lucky to have such a kind, hard working and dedicated member on the Hopecore staff.

Financial Manager - Charity Nyakio

Charity joined HopeCore in 2012 as the Micro Enterprise Assistant Coordinator and became the Coordinator six months later. She holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics and is studying to become a Certified Professional Accountant. Before coming to HopeCore, Charity worked as a mathematics and business studies teacher and an economics tutor.

Financial Department Assistant- vacant

Accounting Advisor- Volunteer- James White

James is a chartered accountant (ACA) from the UK. He qualified with KPMG in 2009 and has experience in auditing, business restructuring and investment banking. During his 6 month placement he is advising Hopecore on the implementation and sustainability of financial reporting systems, along with applicable controls. He also provides ad hoc training to members of the Finance team.

Receptionist- Christine Mwende

Christine joined HopeCore in 2011. She studied at Kianjagi Secondary School, not far from the HopeCore offices. Christine oversees basic day-to-day office operations.

Micro Enterprise Team

Micro Enterprise Program Coordinator- Gerrard Murithi 

Gerrard holds a B.A, in Economics. A local community member, he joined HopeCore in April 2012. Previously, he worked in banking and human resources.  Gerrard’s primary duty is to work with defaulting loan clients to implement strategies that increase timely repayment.

Micro Enterprise Assistant Coordinator- Martin Kimathi Kirimi

Martin holds a B.A. in Commerce and is working towards becoming a Certified Professional Accountant. He is proficient in QuickBooks and other accounting software and assists Albert with financial data entry and analysis. Martin joined HopeCore in 2011.

Community Economic Development Volunteer – US Peace Corps – Edward Pikaart

Edward is married with four children and one grandson and is from North Branford, Connecticut, USA. He has worked as a US Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant and Certified in Financial Management for almost 40 years serving small and growing businesses and their owners providing management advisory, accounting, tax and financial advice.

Micro Enterprise Fellow - Kory Hansen

Kory graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 2013 with a Master of International Affairs degree with concentrations in development and human rights policies. He has previously worked Kenya during the summer of 2012 in Nyeri, his work there centered on two areas, sustainable engineering and social entrepreneurship. Representing a team of students from The Pennsylvania State University, he met with several self-help groups in-order to formulate a plan to address the issue of escaping the poverty cycle.  Kory joined the VHI team in September, as the nonprofit’s second Micro Enterprise Global Fellow. Kory looks forward to continue supporting the initiatives previously implemented while also working cooperatively with the community to promote sustainable entrepreneurship.

Intern- Dickson Mwandiki

Dickson is expecting to complete his studies and exams for his diploma in Business Administration from Presbyterian University of East Africa-Chogoria campus in December of 2013.  He has been a life-long member of the Chogoria community and an active member of the congregation at Faith Celebrations Church.

Public Health Team

Public Health Educator- Lenah Mwende

Lenah holds three certifications: teaching, accounting and computer studies. Before coming to HopeCore, she worked as a teacher at Kairuni Primary School and Sweet Angels Academy. Lenah joined HopeCore in May 2012.

Community Health Nurse- Winjoy Ruguru Micheni

Winjoy was born on August 31st, 1978. After graduating from secondary school, she entered Clive Irvine College in Chogoria to pursue nursing and graduated in 2003. She is married to Kenneth Micheni, blessed with two sons, Victor and Camey. She worked with an NGO as a Community Health Nurse for many years in Western Kenya before returning to her home town of Chogoria.  She joined Village Hopecore in November, 2010 and has been contributing to the community ever since.

Jr. Community Health Nurse- Anncasty Murungi

Anncasty joined the Hopecore team in September 2013.  She obtained her diploma from Wamba Community Nurse Training School.  Having lived in the Chogoria community her entire life she is active in several groups including the youth fellowship and the choir of her church, Faith Celebrations.

Community Health Worker- Stella  Kagendo

Stella has been working with Hopecore since 2010. She graduated from Maua girls secorndary school in 1992. She lives with her parents and siblings and enjoys going to church with family, singing and visiting friends.

PPG Program Coordinator- Jane Njeru

Jane brought over 20 years of experience working in community health to Hopecore when she joined the staff in June of 2013.  She prides herself on the role she plays in being an advocate for education and empowerment of youth regarding health related issues as a member of the Hopecore team.  Jane is a leader in the greater Chogoria area through her involvement on many local school boards and PCEA Church.  She has previously worked at Chogoria Hospital and Chogoria Boys High School.

Global Health Fellow- Haylee Barbo

Haylee began her tenure in July, eager to begin her career upon graduating with a Masters in Public Health, concentrating on global health and specifically epidemiology. Village Hopecore provides an excellent opportunity for her  begin her chosen career, not only is she receiving hands on training everyday while working in the field to design, implement and supervise public health programs; she is also able to use her analytic schools to monitor, evaluate, and measure impact of these programs. For the upcoming year she intends to liaise with community leaders to strengthen linkages between VHI and local churches, schools, ministries, and other youth organizations. Additional goals for Haylee are to fundraise for donors that align with the mission and vision of HopeCore in order to support, sustain, and expand our programs. Lastly, to contribute in the short and long term to the establishment of standards as well as the realization of high-quality water sanitation, and hygiene practices in all of Eastern Kenya.

Community Health Worker/Driver- Martin Murithi

Martin has been a part of the Hopecore team since June.  He is a leader in his community as a pastor at Maximum Miracle Center Chogoria.  Martin loves working with the community to increase access to health care and help people move beyond poverty.  He resides in the Chogoria area with his wife and son.

W.A.S.H. Program Assistant- Dave M’Rewa

Dave joined the Hopecore team in mid-2013 one of the parts of his job that he enjoys the most is interacting with community members to increase education about water sanitation and hygiene.  As an assistant pastor at Jesus Tabernacle Church, Dave and his family including his wife and three children are very active members of the Chogoria community.