Celebrating 15 years of public health and microenterprise service to communities in rural Kenya

Founder & President – Kajira (K.K.) Mugambi

HopeCore was founded by Dr. Kajira K. Mugambi, Esq.

Dr. Mugambi came from a poor family in Chogoria and is fulfilling his dream to eradicate poverty and improve health in Kenya.  He moved to Santa Rosa, CA when he was 16 to attend high school. He then attended Santa Rosa Junior College and University of California, Los Angeles, where he also attended law school. He was a practicing  attorney in Los Angeles for several decades before he began to realize his dream of creating an organization to support the people of Chogoria.  His vision is to empower Chogoria’s farming families to break the  cycle of poverty.

Dr. KK Mugambi - Founder, President, and CEO

Dr. KK Mugambi – Founder, President, and CEO

To read more about how Dr. Mugambi’s past influenced the founding of HopeCore and our mission, vision, and goals, visit our History page.