Celebrating 15 years of public health and microenterprise service to communities in rural Kenya

Board Chairman – Daryl Petrick

Why I Believe in HopeCore

Board Chairman- Daryl Petrick

It was a completely unexpected blessing that brought me to Kenya.  My wife and I had the privilege of joining a safari group headed by Dr. Phil Rasori, the Medical Director of HopeCore.  The safari experience was amazing, but we found the people that we met in Chogoria to be the real reason that we developed a deeper love for Kenya.  Our hearts were warmed by the reception we received, and by the stories of hope that we saw for ourselves.

When Dr. Mugambi called me and asked me to join his board, it was an easy decision to make.  How could I not find a way to partner with these amazing people?  My service has reconfirmed to me that we are making a huge difference in people’s lives. Perhaps the amounts of wealth that these microloans provides seems small to our Western eyes, but the increases in income have profound benefits for the community—it educates children in secondary schools, provides empowerment for women, and reduces the reach of deadly diseases like HIV and malaria.

We’re asking you to join us too.
HopeCore is an organization that is driven by a small paid staff in Chogoria, and a team of people in the United States that serves on a completely volunteer basis.  Virtually all of our money goes to support our programs.  Your financial support is critical to help us reach our goals.  I know that your donation will be wisely used.  As a CPA, I think a lot about accountability and the effectiveness of a donation.  Think about this:  when you donate money for a loan to a new business enterprise, that loan is repaid to HopeCore.  The loan proceeds are then available to be re-loaned to future generations of loan recipients.  Thus, your gift is recycled over and over again through the careful stewardship of our organization.

Do you have questions? I’d love to speak with you.  I invite you to contact me directly by email at  dpetrick@cpabowman.com.  I hope your heart has been moved by the story of Village HopeCore.  I know mine was.