Celebrating 15 years of public health and microenterprise service to communities in rural Kenya

Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors meets regularly throughout the year to provide oversight and management of Village HopeCore. All Board members contribute their time, resources, energy and passion to the vision of eradicating poverty in Kenya. If you are interested in meeting with a Board member to discuss contributing to the organization, contact Board Chairman Daryl Petrick at dpetrick@cpabowman.com.

Current Board of Directors

Founder & President – Kajira (K.K.) Mugambi

Chairman – Daryl Petrick

Treasurer – Max Dunn

Steve Beck

Barbara Bozman- Moss

Dr. Carol Clinton

Dr. Phil Rasori (Medical Director)

Liz Applegate (Assistant Medical Director)

Phillip Michael Rasori

Barry Wood

Alan Preston

Susan Preston